Earth Month Challenge – the Road to Reusability

Happy Earth Month, friends! Earth Day falls on April 22nd, but why celebrate one day when you can celebrate all 30? Here at Singer Sustainability, we believe that simple acts do make a big impact! We recognize that adopting a greener way of living is the only way to go, both in conducting business and in our personal lives. Media and scientific evidence can make sustainable living seem daunting and out of reach, but we are here to reassure you: it’s easier than you think! What if this month we each committed to one simple act that works towards a long lasting lifestyle change? Many people committing to small, practical lifestyle changes will provoke a greater change; making a difference is possible and achievable!

So here is our challenge to you: commit to at least one green habit everyday for the month of April. But please, don’t go it alone! Grab your friends and family and challenge them as well! Accountability is one of the greatest forms of support; the more the merrier! So now you, your friends and family are ready to go – what now? Don’t fret, we have come up with a few suggestions to start your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.

There are many simple acts that can have a large impact on environmental change. Some of our favorites include: buying locally, shopping at thrift stores, composting, and repurposing unwanted items. Although all of these are great options, we believe that one of the most attainable and impactful habits to adopt is to replace single use plastics for reusables. (And we aren’t the only ones! New York has followed California’s lead in banning plastic bags statewide.) How? Simple! Purchase and use these in your everyday living; reusable straws, reusable coffee cup, beewraps, a plastic free reusable water bottle, stainless steel to go containers, reusable lunch bags, reusable shopping bags, reusable produce bags, bamboo utensils kits. Start with one, or go big and do them all!

The Earth Month Network has declared this years theme as “Plastic… More than Pollution,” and for a good reason. According to Plastic Oceans™, we are now producing almost 300 million tons of plastic each year, half of which is for single use purposes. Making reusability a priority is the first step in reducing the severity of this plastic epidemic in which we are living. Plastic is much more than an aesthetic issue; it’s a health issue. Plastic ends up in the oceans and in our food. So if your personal health, and the health of future generations matters to you, so does plastic. Kicking plastic to the curb can be applied in so many different ways, and is often the more affordable option. Buying one reusable water bottle opposed to a case of plastic water bottles every week can save hundreds of dollars!

Plastic is EVERYWHERE in our daily lives, and it is easy to be fooled into thinking it’s just unavoidable – we promise it’s not! For every plastic item you currently use, there is a reusable counterpart. Change starts at the individual level, so how can you contribute to this cause? A great place to start is with your grocery and retail trips. These outings end up accumulating more plastic than you know what to do with. Transitioning to reusable bags helps to consolidate your purchases, while also massively cutting back on single use plastic bags. Can you make it the whole month of April without acquiring a single plastic bag? The answer: you absolutely can!

Singer Sustainability firmly believes in maintaining a culture of hope and practicality in order to enact real change. One of the most effective ways to provoke widespread change is keep the conversation going! Share the ways in which you are working towards a more sustainable life in the comment section and encourage those around you to take the sustainability challenge as well. Every small action leads to a ripple effect of larger impact when you share your success!