Whole Foods Market Change Story

Commitment to sustainability. Commitment to reusable bags.

Whole Foods Market is the largest retailer of natural foods and environmentally friendly products in the country. The brand’s #1 value is “Caring about our communities and our environment.”

Deb Singer has been at the forefront of Whole Foods’ initiatives to LIVE that value for over a decade. First as an executive inside the company, then as owner of Singer Sustainability, Deb has been a visionary in transforming Whole Foods into a leader of the trend to replace single use bags with reusable bags.


Out with the old – in with the new: The first reusable bag made from recycled plastic bottlesThe Better Bag Small

Deb led the charge for the chain to ban plastic shopping bags in 2007. Simultaneously, Whole Foods launched the “Better Bag” made from recycled PET made from used plastic bottles with the tagline: “I used to be a plastic bottle.”

Whole Foods is the grocery leader in reusable bags

Inspired by enthusiastic customer response to reusable bags, Deb started Singer Sustainability with the mission of breaking the single use bag habit. Today, Deb and her manufacturer partners at Singer Sustainability drive successful reusable bag programs in every region of the national chain.

WFM Bags

Whole Foods’ commitment to great product, properly merchandised, is inspiring shoppers to change behavior – to bring their own bags, every time they shop.

Walk into a Whole Foods and you’ll see a wide array of reusable bags – with a range of price points, design and functionality.

The chain has committed to ensuring that every shopper can find the right bag to meet their needs. In most Whole Foods, the bags are displayed prominently, right in the front of the store, so shoppers can’t miss them.


Our reusable bag programs for Whole Foods today include:

  • Working with carefully selected sustainable manufacturing and fair trade partners
  • Creating and designing bags to suit the needs of the range of shoppers across regions – with the best functionality for food transportation.
  • Providing 100% recycled PET bags, eco chic jute and cotton bags for true sustainability
  • Ensuring a low price point for maximum adoptability and value
  • Highest quality production with cutting edge printing for vibrant, stylish Whole Foods branded bags

The menu of bags for Whole Foods include:

  • Produce and bulk bags
  • Cooler and insulated bags
  • Eco chic and jute bags
  • Shopper trolley

Commitment to sustainability and the right product is creating a real change in customer behavior, and an important positive impact for our planet. Everyone must play a role in creating a sustainable world.